3 Must Have Translator Apps to Help You Communicate in Any Language


International travelling is always great fun for every individual but if you do not know the language of that particular country then you might experience a lot of problems on your trip. However, if you have a Smartphone with some effective translator apps then you can easily communicate with local people and you can enjoy your international trip in best possible way. In case you do not know what are the apps that you should have in your Smartphone to communicate in any language, here are 3 must have translator apps to help you communicate in any language.

Google Translate

This is a translator app from Google and it can translate the text and voice in more than 70 languages. In addition to this you can directly listen or communicate the translation from your mobile device and it can also translate the text from handwriting or images along with written or spoken text. Another great thing about this translation app is that if you have android 2.3 or higher you can download offline language packs and you can use the translation tool without a working internet connection. This offline language pack will not only simplify your translation work but it will reduce your data usage as well in roaming and you will be able to communicate in highly cost effective manner.

Abby Text grabber + translator

This is one of the best apps for translating text from images and this translator app can be very helpful for you in situation where you can see a lot of boards but you understand nothing because all of those boards have foreign language on it. With the help of Abby text grabber and translator you can take a picture of any text and this app will extract the text and it will translate the text into you native language from more than 40 languages. In addition to this, it can also translate the text to speech with voice over system and it can also easily adjust the text size or sound from app. Talking about the things that you can scan with this app, you can scan any paper document, any sign board, receipts, notes, articles, book section, manual or instructions, product description & ingredients and so many other things that has text and can be clicked by a camera.

Lonely planet Pharsebooks

During your foreign travel sometime you need not to do complete communication, but you need to ask about some basic things only such as “where is the bathroom” or “Where I can get good food” or “What is the way to railway station”. In this kind of situation you can either speak the text into your language then you translate the same with a language translator app and then you speak that phrase to native person or you can simply use this amazing app that has more than 650 phrases spoken and you can ask your question in best possible manner. The best thing about this app is that all the phrases are arranges according to activity and this app can narrate those phrases in native accent.

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