5 of the Most Beautiful Churches in the US

Throughout the years, some of the greatest buildings that have been built are churches. They are some of the oldest buildings that are still standing from the times of early United States history. However just like any other building, these beautiful architectures are often renovated in order to help keep up their beauty. A new set of church pews can help renew an older church’s past beauty, and they can be found at www.pews.com. They have a large selection of church furniture that can help with any renovation. Below is a list of give of the most beautiful churches that can be found in the United States.

Memorial Presbyterian Church

Memorial Presbyterian Church

 - This beautiful church was built back in 1889. It was built by the son of a Presbyterian minister by the name of Henry Flagler. This church’s architecture is one of the most beautiful churches still standing in the United States today. The Memorial Presbyterian Church is built in Saint Augustine, Florida, and the outside structure is only made more beautiful by the mahogany that is accented in the furniture and trimming throughout the inside of the church. The church itself was actually built around a bell tower and five pillars that actually predated the building of the church giving it a sense of untouched beauty and history allowing it to make the top five most beautiful churches in the United States.

2. Washington National Cathedral - Washington National Cathedral is just what the church is known as. The official name of the church is the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul and Saint Peter. This church is located in Washington D.C. and it is designed in the Neo Gothic style. The building itself took 83 years for it to be completed, and it wasn’t officially completed until September 1990. The building itself is actually 517 feet long, and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in the United States. Over the years since it’s completion, it has been the place for a variety of presidential funerals as well as many others. The wooden pews on the inside of the church are also created to complete it’s Neo Gothic architectural style.

3. Mary Catholic Church Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - This beautiful church is located in High Hill, Texas, and it was established over 150 years ago. Mary Catholic Church Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is also known as the Queen of the Painted Churches. It has received this nick name due to the fact of it having some of the most beautifully done stained glass windows in the United States. This church has tall ceilings and marble columns throughout it stabilizing it. The furniture helps to accent these features helping it to be firmly placed on the top five most beautiful churches in the United States.

4. The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine - The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine is located in New York City, and it was completed back in 1892. It was built by George Heins and Christopher Grand Lagarge. The original style used in its architecture was Romanesque-Byzantine, but unfortunately after several fires, Ralph Adams Cram reworked the style of the church into a French Gothic style. This is what style the church is still currently decorated in. It’s infrastructure is one of the largest churches in the world as it is actually tall enough to house the Statue of Liberty. This church is also the home of the Great Rose Window, which is the largest stained glass window in the United States. There are a variety of things that make this church part of the top five churches in the world, but the accented wooden pews and furniture throughout the building help to push it firmly into place of that list.

5. Thorncrown Chapel - This beautiful chapel is located in the Ozark Mountains at a place called Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This church is beautiful and unique in a natural way unlike a lot of the other churches on this list. It was built on over 100 tons of natural and local stones, and it was built to naturally blend into these rocks. This church is 48 feet tall, and it currently has over 400 windows allowing the surrounding mountains and forest to be appreciated from everywhere within the church. The furniture and pews within the church were built to go with the soft wooden feel of the surrounding world giving it a unique and homely feel to it for all that visit within it’s walls.

Although most of these churches are considered beautiful because of their unique architecture, the small touches of church furniture within their walls along with the statues and windows are what make them the most beautiful churches in the United States to date.

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