5 Crazy Things You Can Do To Celebrate Being 40 Years Old

Hitting 4-0 is a big one, and in accordance, a big celebration is needed! If no really cheese and cracker party will cut the mustard this year, and you’re stuck on 40th birthday ideas, try something a little different and a little bit wild. Let’s go crazy with one of these “celebrate being 40″ ideas:


Get Inked

What better way in celebrating being 40? Maybe you’ve thought about it but always been too scared? Spend your 40thbirthday getting your first tattoo – you’ll have a great story to tell, and an awesome new memory made. To really go all out, you could even get matching tattoos with a partner, friend or your son or daughter.

Need some more advice to get you ready for a tatto. Here are some great tips on choosing the right tattoo.


I’ve heard that the world looks different from 18,000 ft above ground level, so if turning 40 is frightening, how about throwing your body from an airplane and free falling towards the ground? Skydiving is one of those things that are best done in celebration of something momentous, so why not your 40th birthday? You’ll have the time of your life, and maybe even conquer a fear or two while doing it – win win!

Bungee Jump

Notice a recurring theme yet? Your 40th birthday can be a great excuse to try any of those adrenaline-pumping, sick-to-your-stomach-with-nerves, making-your-legs-jelly activities you’ve been putting off for the last 39 years. If free falling through the sky isn’t really your idea of a good time, what about a bungee off a bridge or platform? Pure adventure, excitement and fear: bungee jumping is the perfect crazy idea to celebrate turning 40 years old.

Back in Time Party

If you’re not really the blood-pumping adventure type for 40th birthday ideas, try a Back in Time party. Celebrate turning 40 by taking a look back at your life – the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s. You can have a section of your party devoted to each, with all that goes with it! Seventies flower-power, 80’s disco: the options are endless. This birthday party idea is a great way to look back on your life in a way that’s perhaps not in old photographs but in the fun you’ve shared with friends and family along the way. Pop on to www.spencersonline.com to pick up all your party needs, from drinking games and apparatus to funny hats and accessories.


For those who party in style: do it big on your 40th, head to Sin City! Vegas is the capital of adventure, so if you’re looking for something really crazy to do as a 40th birthday idea, grab some mates or your significant other, save up your pennies, and spend your birthday weekend in style! If casinos aren’t really your thing, relax poolside, or go and see any of the hundreds of shows that play day in and out. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas …

Your 40th birthday is cause to celebrate, so this year turn things up a notch with a crazy, wild and fantastic party or adventure. What will you be doing for your 40th birthday?

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