5 Great Mountain Biking Spots in California


Mountain Biking is a popular activity in California where it is practiced by both the locals and visitors. Even though there are people who bikes as a way of exercising, majority of the people who bike usually do it for fun and the opportunity to enjoy the sceneries along the bike trails. The popularity of mountain biking in California is primarily enhanced by the availability of many suitable bike trails. Here are 5 great mountain biking spots in California.

1. Atascadero creek trail (Obern trail)

This is a popular biking spot which starts at Goleta beach state park and travels West toward Santa Barbara’s center. The trail is partially paved and it follows the flood control channel consequently allowing biker to ride in relatively high speeds. The trail also runs through the dense forest where people can enjoy watching small wild life animals. Bikers are usually advised to be careful while using this path since the animals on the trail can cause accidents if proper caution is not taken.

2. Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail

This is another ideal spot for mountain biking and it runs between Susanville in Lassen county and Westwood. The trail runs through woodlands which not only provide shade to the participants, but the woodland also guide bikers on the precise directions of the path. Some parts of the trail are open and do not have so much wood consequently creating ideal places for people to view the various breathtaking sites. People biking on the Bizz Johnson national recreation trail usually get escorted by professional guides who give directions and provide security.

3. Mount Lowe railway

This particular trail qualifies to be amongst the 5 great mountain biking spots in California since it is endowed with various relatively hard sections. As a result, bikers look forward to tackling the hard parts which require optimum energy. This has made this spot favorite amongst people who are professional bikers and who know the ideal ways of tackling challenges in bike trails. However, even ordinary people who would like to enjoy the diverse sceneries along the trail also frequent the trail. All what one needs is to be prepared with the proper bike and clothing so as to be able to withstand the various difficult sections on the trail.

4. Pioneer trail

This is also another suitable mountain biking spot which is located in Nevada, California. The spot is a favorite of many bikers since they get to enjoy different kinds of environments starting with the suburbs and then going into the mountains. This makes it popular especially with tourists who consider the spot as a unique opportunity to enjoy themselves. Just like many other biking trails in California, the Pioneer trail is endowed with various additional amenities such as guards and people meant to train the beginners on the basic things about mountain biking.

5. Santa Marial Valley rail

People living in California find Santa Marial Valley rail as an ideal spot for mountain biking. Since this particular spot was identified in 1993, the trail has been used by thousands of people. It was first started as a one point two miles but it has since then been adjusted to three point seven miles. The trail also makes an ideal place for people who would like to do mountain biking even with their children since it is not very hilly.

Image Source: Flickr

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