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America is simply bursting with cities to visit in 2014, but if you’re looking for one that shines out against the rest, then Boston is the place for you! Nicknamed the ‘Athens of America’, Boston is a mid-sized city that offers attractions and culture way above its stature, from grand architecture to its wealth of world class universities and institutions. Previously, Boston held a slow and stodgy reputation when it came to culture, however over the last few years, artists, designers, musicians and investors alike have flocked to the city, revamping the social norms and thrusting the modern landscape into the sights of tourists worldwide. A trip to Boston will no doubt be unforgettable, so go on and book your flights for next year, and take note of the city’s top attractions below!

Experience the Freedom Trail

Boston is a hub for history, and to experience the best of it, the Freedom Trail is the place to go. This 2.5 mile stretch of Revolutionary War sites and monuments will leave you feeling humbled, either with the available tour guides or on your own with a free map. If you’re struggling for time, then be sure to visit the north end of the Freedom Trail first, where Little Italy can be found. Highlights include the home of Paul Revere, as well as the Old North Church. There’s also the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, where you can take a rest and try out some of Boston’s best food and fashion stores.

Boston’s South End

The South End neighbourhood of Boston was a dangerous place during the 1980s, therefore house prices plummeted. As artists, designers and parts of city’s gay community moved in, South End soon became a vibrant and exciting neighbourhood, with new stores, coffee houses and markets springing up all over the place. Soon enough, house prices shot up, and it is now one of the most upcoming places to live in the state. From boutique fashion stores and fresh food markets to art galleries and fresh fish, the South End is now a vital part of Boston’s cultural heritage, and you could easily spend a day simply walking the streets and getting lost in the cobbled streets.

The Charles River

For sheer tranquillity and beauty, a visit to the Charles River shouldn’t be overlooked. Separating Boston from the city of Cambridge, this river is as charming as it looks, with cyclists, joggers and dog walkers all taking advantage of the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. As you pass the sail boats and playgrounds, the kids selling lemonade and the geese marching into the water, take your time to experience this part of Boston, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the inner city grind.


The Red Sox Stadium

Boston is home to Fenway Park, the stadium of the Red Sox Baseball team, and as soon as you see the huge structure from the outside, you’ll want to take a closer look inside! There are always spare tickets going in the box office, however you can take advantage of discounts of you book online a week or two in advance. Show up a few hours early and treat yourself to front row seats of the team batting practice, or simply blend in with the American fans and get yourself a mammoth hotdog!

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