Europe by car

Europe. Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Amsterdam… From the best living standard in Scandinavia to the amazing beaches in Greece. Europe is a continent definitely worth of visiting. But, did ever cross your mind how would it be to explore it by car? Full adventure!

French highway

When you’re travelling across Europe by car, you need a few very useful travel tips. First one is that the continent is divided to European Union and non-EU part. Why is this important? If you’re travelling within EU, you don’t need a passport. If your trip is a combination of both, make sure you bring passport, because you wouldn’t be able to go across the border if you don’t have it.

Also, in Europe different countries use different currencies. The euro is not official in all states. Make sure that you check where you can’t use euro, and then exchange it into local currency. For example, Czech Republic uses koruna, Hungary forint.

With this basic data, let’s hit the road. If your plan is to travel more than let’s say 200 miles per day, believe me, this is not smart things to do. In Europe, on every less than 100 miles you find amazing city to visit. Europe has more than 40 countries on a small territory, and making pauses often, is in fact the best option. You’ll find secret treasures of places that people usually don’t visit, as they are not included in regular tourism maps of the continent.

Best time for your journey is summer, when in all countries you can find all kind of entertaining events. Also, in just over a week, you’ll have fun in Amsterdam, enjoy in villages in Switzerland’s mountains and relax on beautiful beaches of France or Spain.

If you are more of a winter person, central Europe is the place to see, under amazing Christmas decoration and with holiday spirit in the air that you’ve saw on the postcards.

Fuel prices are different across the Europe. For example, if you’re driving from Hungary to the Netherlands, definitely buy a fuel on the gas stations in Austria. On suggested journey, it’s the cheapest.

In some countries you need to pay vignettes for using highways, in some you don’t. Ask someone if you’re not sure, or check in advance before you start your journey.

For Mediterranean travelers, journey from Portugal to Greece means to see 8 countries with highways near to seaside so driving is full of views you’ll never forget.

And what about languages… In Europe there are really dozen of official languages. For example, Slavic languages are closely related and official in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, and Serbia… German is official in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Scandinavian languages include Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, and Danish… etc. Common thing for all this countries – people usually speak English on a decent level in all of them, so you won’t have problem in communication.

So, if you are planning your journey through Europe by car – enjoy in every second of your adventure. Europe’s waiting to be fully discovered!

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