Experience Sand Sea and the Sahara in Tunisia

Are you looking for a travel destination with a difference? Do you want sand, sea and sun but without having to battle hoards of other tourists to the best spot? Then maybe Tunisia might be worth considering.

Tunisia is on the north coast of Africa facing the warm Mediterranean Sea. Gorgeous sandy beaches are aplenty, but maybe the most interesting part of Tunisia lies beyond the coast and in the historical and cultural landscape, along with amazing scenery and nature. Tunisia is an Arabic land with origins in the Ottoman empire, all the way back to the Romans and beyond. You can imagine then how steeped it is in fascinating history.

Things to do in Tunisia
* Visit Sidi Bou Said: The dreamy colors of the whites and blues of this hillside village above the Gulf of Tunis, will certainly lift your spirits. The romantic chalk white houses with their stunning royal blue doors and accents feel just a few steps away from heaven.
* The remains of Carthage: Once a Roman town built upon the burned remains of a city founded by Queen Dido, Carthage is now part of a suburb of Tunis. Visit the museums and the ruins of the Roman Baths and the Roman theater. The baths were the second largest in the Roman world.
* The contrasting culture of Tunis: Take in the atmosphere of Medina, the 7th century covered market in the heart of Tunis with its bustling shops and winding streets. Then look just outside the market area at the Belle Epoque France, a French colonial area that will have you feeling like you are in the heart of the Mediterranean.
* Step into Star Wars: Visit Matmata for the location for the planet Tatooine from the Star Wars films, and even stay the night at Luke Skywalker’s house.
* Feeling more daring? Take a tour to the Sahara: If you are prepared to travel for a few days then take a camel tour into the velvet sands of the Sahara. Stay overnight in a tent and witness a sunrise you will never forget.

Don’t miss the stunning landscapes with dry exotic rolling hills contrasting with stunning green oases. See wild flocks of flamingos forming a sea of pink in the Tunisian wetlands. Visit ancient ruins in the rugged hills and experience being in a scenery that is almost other worldly.

Where to stay?
Prices are low in Tunisia so consider visiting some of the more classy hotels dotted around. such as the Residence Tunis in Carthage which offers its own private beach and lots of activities. Otherwise there are many low price resorts to stay at such as Hammamet.

How to get there?
Flights to Tunisia are very reasonably priced. It is a fairly short hop from the UK so you don’t have to dread a long trip to get there. You can even get a ferry over from Spain if you are looking for alternative routes.
All in all, a trip to Tunisia won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you can stay in relative luxury with stunning beaches. As long as you remember to be respectful and observe dress customs when visiting religious sites, then you should experience a warm friendly welcome from the locals.

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