The Fisherman of Bintan Island

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Bintan Island is famed for its array of fresh suclent sea food straight from the ocean. You can choose from so many different kinds of fish, juicy giant prawns, delicious dried shrimps even crab and savoury ikan bilis, (known to us as anchovies) plus a whole host of sweet, savoury and salty delicacies. But trying these treats from the ocean wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the hardworking fishermen that spend their days making sure they bring the freshest of food to the visitors and residents of Bintan Island.

On the south end of the island you’ll find quaint, quiet and calm fishing towns where you can experience your own slice of laid-back life in a traditional Indonesian village. These villages are home to the island’s community and you’ll be able to see their traditional homes including their kelongs – houses on stilts set out at sea which are perfect for helping the fishermen at work.

One of the most popular pulls of visiting the fishing villages is the chance to see the traditional methods of fishing that have been used to catch fish on the island for hundreds of years. You can even go on a specific fishing tour where you’ll get to learn how to cast a hand-woven jala (net) properly and get to use a bubu (wire trap) and injab (a trap make from woven bamboo) to give you the best chance of getting the catch of the day.

While you’re watching the masters at work keep an eye out for Sea turtles too. Bintan is home to six out of seven species of sea turtles found around the world and this includes the critically endangered hawksbill turtles. Watch as they glide through the Indonesian shores and see for yourself why it’s so important we make sure they’re still around for future generations to see.

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The markets around the island are filled with the fruits of the fishermen’s labour and are constantly popular with locals and tourists alike. But it’s not just the markets that enjoy a good supply of fresh fancies, the luxury resorts around the island use all kinds of types of fish, shrimps, crabs and everything else that is caught in the booming waters of Bintan to create some of the most delicious dishes for miles around. Luxury resorts like The Sanchaya boast menus full of freshly caught fish and you’ll enjoy food that has gone from the sea to your plate in just a matter of hours.

Fish and seafood is such a staple of Bintan diet that some restaurants are even happy for you to bring in your own freshly caught prize and for a small price, they’ll cook it for you and combine their culinary skills with your catch!


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