All the fun of the airport

The Airport

The Airport

The airport.

Consider that for a second. Does it fill you with excitement, or does it fill you with nerves?

Most people would say it’s somewhere between the two, however if you’ve never flown before, then the airport can be an intimidating, large and busy place. The key is basically follow everyone else, that’s a tactic that’s never really led me wrong before, and it is quite impossible to get on the wrong plane, so that’s no worry!

The best thing you can do with any travel day is to make sure you’re organised and everything is in its place before you leave the house. A good way to do this is to cut out the stress of busy trains and coaches, and give yourself total control. I drive myself to the airport, and I regularly book my airport parking with ParkBCP, which totally cuts out the stress and even saves me some money. I can’t think of a negative in that situation!

Yes, you have to drive, so there is that little inconvenience, but I quite like it, and I can put the radio on, sing along to my heart’s content, and stop at the services when I want to. Does this sound like a good idea to you too? Well, it’s available across the UK, I have even used Glasgow Airport parking before and it was brilliant.

Cutting out getting to the airport panics and worries will give you a better start to your day, and then when you arrive you will be in a better frame of mind. Park up the car, grab your suitcase, and head to the terminal door.

Easy so far.

 The key is to check the screens regularly, as this will be your guide. Just do as they say basically. When check in is open, go to your allocated queue point and wait your turn. Once your suitcase is on its journey, get security out of the way. This is where many people get worried, because it’s loud, it’s busy, and it can be fast moving, but the staff will tell you what to do, so just follow direction.

Once that’s out of the way, you’re in the wonder world that is duty free.


Relax now, have a drink, have a meal, shop a little, and keep your eye on the screens. Once your boarding gate number is displayed, head there and don’t delay. Then it’s just a case of waiting. Keep your boarding card and passport handy, and get ready to board that big bird, soon to be soaring off to your sunshine destination.

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