Have a Fun Filled Coach Day Trip to Legoland


The summer holidays are just around the corner. The worst nightmare for mothers and family members are children that are bored. They get into every imaginable mischief and some new ones you could never conceive as well. The secret to enjoying the long summer months ahead is planning. The summer holidays represent all things good, warm weather, sunny days, sleeping in late, no traffic or busy roads to contend with.

If all these benefits were not enough to convince you, then there is the fact that you don’t have to wake up groggy children who have no wish to wake up and cooperate in order to be ready for school. So make the most of the summer months. Fill the days with fun filled interesting day trips such as a two day coach trip to Legoland.

Imagine two whole fun filled days, filled with laughter, adventure and frolic. Legos are a favorite of kids from the ages of one to one hundred. Legoland is the ultimate playground. There are as many as approximately 55 million legos that can be found on this amazing property. They are featured in all the popular shapes, characters, and designs that children have become familiar with over the years.

One of the latest additions to Legoland is Duplo Valley. It features magical settings that will spark their imagination and sense of wonder. The faraway galaxies of the popular movie series Star Wars come alive with displays featuring scenes from the movie and twelve of the most beloved or most hated characters from the series of movies. The characters include Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Princess Leia, and Wicket. The three feet tall Lego models will make your favourite scenes from the movie come alive again.

There is a lot to see and do in the Legoland theme park and resort. You can visit the many different centres, areas, or displays and enjoy your favourite characters brought to life by cleverly assembled huge lego bricks. In the make believe city of Chima, at the Imagination Theatre, the entire family will be engrossed by the intense battles between fierce animal warriors and take sides with their favourite warriors. You may choose the Crocodile Prince, Cragger, or the Lion Prince Laval. Help them to search, find and protect the CHI source.

Park the car. There is no need to contend with traffic, rude drivers, and the hassle of parking or any of the minute details that are usually involved in planning a trip. It is a fact that planning family get togethers or trips are never simple or easy. It can be a nightmare to get everyone one the same page and destination while organising all the aspects of your trip.

If you wish to take your entire family to Legoland for the summer the only detail you will need to attend to is to visit Harding Tours and make a booking. Yes, it really is that simple, quick, and easy.

Check out the Legoland in Manchester for more ideas of fun!

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