Galapagos Cruises

Galapagos Cruises is taking you to the islands of Galapagos – a home of fearless wildlife! These islands in the Pacific Ocean were home of the only giant Pinta tortoise who died, unfortunately, in 2012. They are also a place in the world where lives the only lizard that can swim in the Ocean. Galapagos became the first World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1978 and meaning of the word is saddle, translated from Spanish. For all motion picture fans, this is the place where “Captain and Commander” was filmed.

When is the right time to visit the Galapagos? If you ask tour operators, it’s definitely April and May or September and October that are months for low season. Those are periods when the number of visitors decrease, but if you avoid it, many boats are booked in advance. This leads us to important fact – if you want to visit these islands, you need to book earlier! High season last minute can be a problem, so that is why the Galapagos is something you really need to plan earlier.

What can you see there? There’s really large number of animals to see in Galapagos. Particularly birds and tortoises, and when I say birds, albatross is among the most famous one there. If you want more than only wildlife, you’ll find all the commodities like in any other travel destination, with museums, shops and restaurants. Let’s not forget the scenery, too. Landscape is really amazing in Galapagos!

Galapagos Cruises – good to know: When you’re visiting a place like this, you have to know that every human activity is really damaging the wildlife. Why? Because of history. 24% of plant species and almost half of vertebrate species are still endangered because of human activity. Please think on nature when you travel there and try your best to respect the surroundings. It’s really one of the most important wildlife spots on our planet.

Galapagos Cruises info! When you’re choosing a boat to visit the Galapagos, there are few things you need to know. Small boats and big ones have its advantages and disadvantages. It has to do with the big tours versus small ones. Snorkeling is one of the activities that you’ll be able to try on boats, but scuba diving is limited to only some of them. That is why read carefully what boats are offering other activities, or an activity that fit you.

There is another offer of charter boats for students, a club, a corporation or people on honeymoon.

Galapagos Cruises suggestion: Decide to go to this great place in between December and May. It’s a warm season. This does mean that the climate is more tropical and the temperature is higher. Also, in this period you’ll be able to see a larger number of species like flamingos, iguanas, albatrosses, turtles and many more. Also, this is the perfect season for snorkeling.

If you’re not a typical traveler and you’d like to try something completely different, then Galapagos is the right place for your vacation.

Galapagos Cruises is your way to discover the place where nature made some of its finest work. Also, it’s the place that might be a perfect for your honeymoon destination, especially if you’re different from the rest when you’re choosing a vacation destination for this occasion.

It’s important to say that Galapagos is situated around 600 miles west of the coast, and it’s part of South-American country Ecuador.  There are still some active volcanoes on the Galapagos. These islands are one of 24 regions of Ecuador, and the most famous one, although the whole country offers spectacular natural sites.

Once you visit Ecuador and Galapagos, there’s no doubt you’ll return. Best vacations stay in memory forever, and remind you how great your time was spent there. Returning again is just like reading the same book again under different circumstances and different time, only better.


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