Where to Get Help for Your Dell Laptop While Travelling


How would you react when you are in the middle of your travel abroad your laptop is not working anymore? Communicating with your loved ones would be impossible without high technology. When your laptop got stuck, you don’t need to fret as you can have a lot of options when it comes to Dell computer repairs for travelers.

All the technological resources will be provided to you even if you are in a foreign land. The first thing that you need to do is to contact the Dell help center for your queries. For sure you have their number before you packed your luggage and this should be part of your pre-departure preparation so that an occurrence will happen, you know where to go.

If you are abroad as a student or a vacationer, you need to contact the local technical support team of any Dell laptop repair service. If your laptop is still covered under a warranty, the repair service will not ask you any payment. Make sure that before you travel you have already updated your information with the company that includes your new address. You can do this by registering with Dell’s website and inform them about your new address abroad.

When you are back to your home country, don’t forget to transfer the ownership to your original address for easy accessibility in case you need help from the Dell laptop service provider. To contact the phone number of Dell technical support team in the country that you are visiting, you need to visit their website. Click the country from the drop down menu, then click the button for the support link and look for the contact us tab.

Getting computing help from the repair service is not actually complicated. You can also browse the support pages where you can get the number of their technical support or call center. You can either chat online with their call center agent and from there you can throw your questions. If the agent is not available, you can send an email and in less than a minute you will get your answer.

Chatting with the technical support can either be made through the local call center, the call center of the country that you are visiting or contact the international queue. The call center agent will analyze your report and conduct a diagnosis. If the problem continues, they will recommend sending you a technician to troubleshoot the laptop issue.


While enjoying your vacation outside your native land, you know what to do when your laptop is malfunctioning. Dell computer repairs make your life easier while having an international travel.

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