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What is the first thought that arises in your mind, when you hear the name of London? Capital of a powerful state, once the empire, who owned a huge number of colonies and  gave rise to industrial progress. Do you see the famous Thames River and Tower Bridgem, or do you think about the royal family, and the coronation ceremony. Or maybe you remember about the famous Sherlock Holmes.  And of course you will agree that London – is a city that worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

If you’re lucky with the weather, a tour will start right on the plane. When the plane is landing, he flies over the heart of the British capital. The view from the top also can be seen from “the London Eye” with a  height of 135 meters.

London Eye And Thames

London Eye And Thames

The list of sights in London is long and  it will be difficult to see all in one visit. But to summarize the main points of interest, it is of course necessary to visit:

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch, Palace of Westminster – house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Westminster Abbey is the traditional place of coronation. The Tower of London  in its long history was a fortress, palace, royal jewellery store, an arsenal, a mint, a prison, an observatory, a zoo, a place attracting tourists.  St Paul’s Cathedral dedicated to Paul the Apostle and is second large church in the United Kingdom.

Tower Of London Corner

Tower Of London Corner

Besides  architectural monuments and museums, London is also famous for its parks. Parks in London are everywhere – perhaps  there is no another capital city in the whole world with so much green space.

From the overgrown meadows of Green Park is nice to watch the entrance to Buckingham Palace. Changing of the guard takes place every day at 11:30 am. Those wishing to photograph the ceremony without interference should take place at the fence of the palace in advance.

St. James’s Park is another beautiful place with its huge pond and a funny kind of pelicans. In the Richmond Park, on his expanses freely roam the noble spotted deer. And of course the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, which contains the largest collection of plants in the world.

Special attention deserve London museums. The good news are , that that the entry to many of them is free. The list includes:  British Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Tate art gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tower Bridge At Night

Tower Bridge At Night

London takes a huge number of tourists every year. And of course, besides the huge number of  hotels in London, there are guest houses and apartments in and around the city, you can easily pick up the option for every taste and budget.

While staying in London, we cannot not to visit the local pub. Soho –is the shopping and entertainment district in the heart of London. The name stuck for the Soho location in the XVII century. Since the first half of the XX century inexpensive cafe Soho became a meeting place for bohemians – writers, artists, intellectuals. Today in Soho are a large number of theatres and cinemas, night clubs and pubs. On Fridays it is the most crowded here.

Another things must do in London are:

  • Ride on the famous ” Dubbeldeksbus ” – a bright red double-decker bus – of course to take the best place on the second floor.
  • Take a walk through the pavilions studio of Warner Brothers, which starred the saga of Harry Potter , looking into Dumbledore’s office , the village of Hogsmeade , the bar ” Three Broomsticks ” and confectionery ” Sweet kingdom ” in the round “History of filming Harry Potter “.
  • And of course trample, jump or just take a picture on the zero meridian line, which serves the starting point of time on the planet.

But planning a tour of the viewing points of London, be sure to check with the weather forecasters. The London is famous for its unpredictable British weather.

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