How to Negotiate with Hotels and Save Money


As the demand for hotel services increase, the costs of such services has also sky rocketed. Hotel users have therefore faced a lot of challenges. The good news is that there is always a solution to any problem. Users of such serves can cut on the costs by simply engaging in negotiations with the hotel operators. Regardless of whether you use a hotel to hold conferences or do any other activity, the following negotiating tips will enable you to save money while at the same time getting the hotel services:

1. Negotiate food and drink requirements

As a customer, you should always understand that every hotel manager is willing to assist you. Always engage the manager on talks that will enable you to cut on the costs of dishes and drinks. It is important to understand that menus are created to match everybody’d budgets.

2. Book off peak

It is advisable to book a hotel during those periods where the activities are at their lowest points. These are the periods where there is plenty of rooms and space. You will be able to get the best deals on food and drinks too.

3. Clarify what you require as from the beginning

Before going for a particular hotel, it is advisable to make up your mind. Being accurate on what you want will give you a chance to get the best quote. There is nothing that hurts that getting charged for something that you do not require.

4. Do not accept the first quotes

It is advisable to compare the rates that are available. Such comparisons will enable you to get the best deals since you will not fall for expensive hotel operators.

5. Do not shy away from asking directly for a rate

You should not fear to ask for a rate. Ask the manager if the price can be reduced to match your needs. You may even have to tell the receptionist that you have gotten a good deal somewhere but you will interested in their services if they will match their rates. This will compel them to consider your case since nobody is willing to lose a customer. There is nothing wrong about going an extra mile in order to find a bargain.

6. Carry out a research on the hotel that you want to choose

It is important to gather sufficient information about various hotels. What are their goals? You may even have to compare their demand patterns because such patterns will give you a hint on the best hotel to choose. This will enable you to save on costs because a hotel that is in its peak season is likely to charge more. In this regard, it will be advisable to choose a hotel that is yet to attain its peak season.

7. Be flexible

You may have to change your dates if you need the best hotel deals. Your ability to change in accordance to the prevailing conditions will go a long way to improving your negotiating abilities.


All the above strategies will enable you to get the best hotel deals in any part of the world. Best deals translates to more savings.

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