Ideal UK Vacation: 5 Most Desired Events


The United States isn’t the only country known for its enthusiastic sports fan. The UK is equally passionate about their sports, holding some of the most popular sporting events in the world.


Aintree Grand National Meeting


Known as the world’s most difficult steeplechase race, this event attracted over 150,000 visitors in only three days in 2012. Steeple-chasing is a heart-pounding, adrenaline filled horse race where 40 horses and their jockeys fly over a course of fences, taking horse racing up one, slightly chaotic, notch.


Burghley Horse Trials


The Brits love their equestrian events! The Burghley Horse Trials drew over 178,000 spectators over the course of four days in 2012. The Trials attract some of the best horses and equestrians in the world for three day eventing. The first day encompasses dressage, a dance-like event where horses go through a prearranged “test” filled with complicated moves with seamless transitions. Day two is cross country, an event sure to put hair on even the most stout chest. Riders steer their horses through a complicated course with ponds, steep drop offs, and challenging fences. Day three is show jumping, where the fastest pair to make it through a series of jumps with little to no penalties wins the event. Whoever amasses the most points over the course of three days wins £50,000.


British Grand Prix


The British Grand Prix is one of the oldest Formula One Grand Prix races. It’s held at the Silverstone Circuit in the Northampton’s and drivers fly through 52 laps (at 5.1km each) to win. On average, almost 300,000 attend the British Grand Prix every year.


The Open


Taking place over a period of four days, 181,000 people flocked to the event in 2012. The Claret Jug, awarded to the winner, is considered the most coveted in the sport and perhaps the most famous in all of sporting. One hundred and fifty six players play 36 holes over two days and the leading 70 players play over the next two days over another 36 holes.




Over the span of 13 days, almost half a million tennis enthusiasts rush to Wimbledon, making it one of the country’s most infamous and popular sporting events. Travel agencies make a hefty profit off of their Wimbledon Tour packages, enticing tourists with exclusive access to private hospitality, center court seats, and the opportunity to play tennis at the Wimbledon Club. Visitors may even spot royalty as they watch the game!


While sports events in the UK are wildly different than those in the United States, it’s worth making a trip across the pond to experience the excitement and devotion of these very European events.

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