Modern Hotel Guest Room Design Is All About Surprises

When designing for hotel guest rooms, the goal should be to create memories. Not only memories for the guests taking their trip but also memories of just how great their stay was. Design your hotel guests rooms to surprise the guests. We aren’t talking about the balloons falling out of the ceilings surprise but rather the surprise of a guests exclaiming “Wow!” when they open the door to their room.

Too many hotels have gotten into a sort of templated approach to room design. There is a bed over there, a TV on the other wall, a plain desk, and a notepad in case the guest wants to take notes on how standard your room is.

Hotels can create surprises for hotel rooms is a variety of ways.


Room Configurations

One of the first things you can do to surprise guests in your hotel rooms is to ditch the template. Rooms have become so standard in not only their layout, but also their color schemes and furniture. Cookie-cutter hotel rooms are not the hotel rooms of the future. This new era of hotel guests wants an eclectic feel with vibrant colors and totally unique furniture. Brighten up the room with some white desk and bed frame. Introduce curved furniture into the otherwise box of a room. All of these subtle touches to the interior design will help your hotel rooms break free from the mold.

Bathroom Design

It is time to accept the fact that the bathroom is no longer just for utility. Sure, guests still take care of their daily needs in there but that doesn’t mean it has to be so dull. In fact most guests probably are beginning to export more out of the bathrooms from their hotels than they do their own homes.

Introduce some spa-like features into the bathroom with a vast and open jetted tub. Start providing guests with more than a bar of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Throw in a bath bomb or herbal mix that they can enjoy after a long day of traveling. Mirrors should extend the full width of the bathroom to create a much more open space. In short, create the most irresistible bath experience a guest can possibly have.

Artwork with a Story

Another way to surprise your guests is to start using more artwork in the rooms. Now, instead of purchasing a copy of “Starry Night”, find a rising local artist and get one of their originals. This artwork is so much more meaningful and you can probably include a great backstory about it. This way, each room has some individualized aspect of it, whether it is the great painting hanging above the bed or the unique sculpture that stands on the desk.

Incorporating the Outdoors

There is a good chance that the guest who is staying at your hotel is also planning on spending a lot of time outside of it. Why not help that guest create the same experience in their own room. Whether your hotel overlooks the city skyline or has a mountain view, allow your guests to witness that awesomeness right from their room. Floor to ceiling windows or large outdoor patios connected to the room are a great way to provide guests with those extra memories. Most guests are used to opening the window and being disappointed that they can’t step outside. Surprise them with the opportunity to do so.

Unique Personalized Spaces

One of the newest design crazes is to build hotels with completely personalized spaces. These spaces have a peculiar, yet utterly inviting themes that will never leave the memories of guests. Additionally, small pop-up hotels and modular rooms are new concepts that are slowly starting to gain popularity in the hospitality industry.

Technology Integration

People truly don’t have to reach far when answering their phone. In fact most have it attached to their hand at all times or wear it as bluetooth. Modern conveniences have made technology almost inseparable from its owners. While some vacationers prefer to unplug themselves during hotel stays, there are plenty who still need to be fully connected.

Surprise them by giving them that opportunity. Create technology-friendly rooms equipped with USB plugs, and device ready music systems. Allow them to tap into their rooms’ systems through their phone to adjust comfort settings like lighting levels, temperature, and even the blinds.

Overall Homeliness

Finally, and quite possibly most importantly, surprise them by creating the ultimate home away from home. You can provide them with the spa-like bathroom, tricked out technological room, and ultimate outdoor space but if you fail to make them feel comfortable, you’ve failed at designing a great room.

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