Murano – the glass heart of Europe

The magnificent city of Venice is probably the most visited touristic place in Italy. History, architecture, cuisine and art are small part of an offer of this amazing city in the north of the country. But in this article, we won’t stay there. We will take a waterbus and visit an island of Murano.

Murano is situated in the Venetian lagoon. You can reach it easily and the artistic atmosphere you’re going to feel there is something unforgettable. There’s even possibility that island will more interesting for you than the crowded streets of Venice. Especially if you’re an artist.


Colorful houses of this port that dates to the 7th century will open a whole new world to its visitors. It feels like you’re on the set of a movie. But, the question is, what’s the most famous thing in Murano?

Glass, of course. Murano’s glassmakers are worldwide famous artists and Murano’s glass products often reach spectacular prices. If you want to make accessories of glass, this is the place you must visit.

The story started in 1291, when Venetian Republic moved glassmakers from the city to an island of Murano, as they were scared of possible fire danger in the Venice. The thing is that all the buildings at the time were made of wood. Since then, they became the most famous glassmakers with 700 years of tradition. Nowadays, they are producing milk glass; glass in various colors, glass with threads of gold…

They also make glass mirrors!

Just check one of big number of shops and you’ll find a whole new world of fascinating glass products. If you’re an artist that makes jewelry, this is the best school you can find, probably in the whole world. Learn the skill, and you will be in position to make one of the most famous glass accessories known to the world at the moment.

The original design of products is not any more just Italian, as the island is famous around the globe; it inspired many foreign designers who came to work there. Yes, it commercialized the place, but Murano really didn’t lose its charm. This is one of places that probably never will lose its charm, as long as people would make glass products on this unique island. Globalization is something they embraced and made their talent accessible for people around the globe. Murano gave the art in general huge contribution.

On the island, do check glass museum and churches. Visit better galleries and showrooms. You can also make a trip within a day from Venice – an island is just a few minutes away.

Some destinations are inspiring by spectacular landscapes or perfection of nature. Murano is a combination of human creativity and a beauty of an island. There, you’ll probably forget all the problems and find yourself in artistic Italian story you once read in a travel magazine or watched on TV.

Murano is the glass hearth of Europe. It’s inspiring destination to visit, especially interesting to an artists and people who feels like that.

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