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Save money

Save money

For those who are looking to explore the rugged outback and pristine coastline of Australia without taking out an inordinate amount of loans or traveler’s checks, it is necessary to do some prep work and savvy decision making in order to get the best deals on travel related expenses. Best kept tourist tricks like traveler’s discount cards can often make the difference between an affordable holiday and a go-broke holiday, so make sure you stock up on your travel discounts card even before you leave the house. It will be your ticket to getting those little savings that add up to big cost cutting potential by the end of your trip, whether you are one for the art museum or one for deep sea diving out on the reef. If you do need a little help along the way, is a good source for a little extra cash.

Without having to be a student or having to be traveling as part of a large group, it is still possible to enjoy those oh so handy discounts that cover many attractions, sights and destinations in some of Australia’s most beloved big cities. Created with independent and budgeting travelers in mind, the iVenture card will provide you with significant savings whether you are frolicking around Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne or Tasmania. Best of all, the iVenture card is much more than just a piece of plastic. The chip equipped card allows you free and line-less entry points to dozens of the biggest attractions in Oz, all without having to worry about tickets, the tourist rush, and costly admission fees.

iVenture Cards Work for You

A tourist’s best friend, this small card does require a little bit of an initial investment, but pays for itself often within only two or three uses if you take advantage of the possibilities. When your destination is picked out, take a look at the listings of attractions and sights that the card covers in that area and assess whether taking the plunge is worth it and jives with your travel plans. The difference between the iVenture and other tourist discount cards is that this pass is highly flexible, and while it is a little more pricey than most travel cards, it is well worth it if you have a few days of hardcore tourist destinations to hit up.

There are different levels of the iVenture available for purchase, depending on how many travel days you have planned and the number of attractions you think that you might visit. For those in town for a weekend, for example, the two day iVenture is $175.00 for Sydney and allows entry and line free access to a virtually unlimited amount of Sydney’s most popular hot spots. Travelers who plan on visiting anywhere from three to six attractions in a day will save a huge amount on fees buy buying an iVenture card and using it to the max on two, three, or seven consecutive days.

For those who prefer an even more flexible situation, the flexi-attractions pack might appeal. For only $149.00, the flexi-five pack will cover entry towards five tourist destinations of your choice. With ticket prices reaching up to $50 for one person’s entry into a popular attraction for a day, this flexi pack will save up you up to $100 as long as you make good use of it and are careful to watch the expiration date. No matter what your itinerary, you can bet that the iVenture card will save you a good 25% to 50% off full price for hardcore sightseeing. The more you use the card, the more you end up saving, so prepare yourself for a few full days of adventure after you invest in the smart card.

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