Staying Safe While Backpacking Solo


Going backpacking alone is one of the greatest ways for one to gather his or her thoughts; it allows you to get a completely new perspective on life and further offers you an opportunity to fully discover yourself. It is worth noting though that backpacking solo is not for the faint hearted as it demands one to be brave, confident and very independent.

Because most backpacking trips usually take a couple of weeks or even months and in most instances does involve traveling across different towns, cities or even countries, it is of paramount importance that one strives to be safe in all his undertakings. There are numerous tips for staying safe while backpacking solo, they include the following;

It is important that you stay in touch with people back home or people at your last known abode. Always ensure that there are people who know where you are headed and when you are bound to arrive at your destination. If you are in a guest house or hotel, always leave a number that the hotel staff can call in case you either fail to arrive or fall ill.

Always make a point of having an extra cell phone with you. It is also advisable to have an extra battery with you for emergency purposes. You should also ensure that your phone plan is up to date i.e. if it allows for roaming services or other appropriate plans.

You should always carry with you a well equipped first aid kit. Due to the change in weather, surrounding and constant movement, even a small cut may develop into a life threatening wound or a small bite may prove deadly after a while.

If you have some allergies, be it in terms of medication or foodstuff, it is important that you have such details written in English or any other language that may be in use wherever you are and keep such writings in an easy to find place. Keeping such documents in a wallet is highly recommended.

As a lone backpacker, you are well advised to stick with the well known trails and routes. Avoid the urge to experiment and discover new routes, trails and virgin territories. Such expeditions are best suited for groupies.

Another key item that will help you in staying safe while backpacking solo is your instinct. Listen to your gut feeling and follow what it tells you. In most instances it will help guard you against taking unnecessary risks. If you have a knee that is a tad dodgy or you have a back that is prone to causing you pain then you are well advised to avoid carrying heavy items and attempting steep climbs and long distance walks.

Irrespective of the period that you will take for backpacking, make sure you are physically, emotionally and financially prepared for the expedition. Proper preparation is paramount, ensure that you exercise and train accordingly for the physical strain that the backpacking is bound to expose you to. Make sure that you have saved enough money that will last you through the period and be mentally prepared for the long periods that you will spend away from loved ones back home during the entire duration.

Even as you enjoy yourself, always remember to be safe. Enjoy your backpacking to the fullest!

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