Subotica, Serbia – 42nd place by the New York Times you need to visit in 2014

If you’re a fan of ”hidden” European travel destinations, just keep reading!

In the south-east of Europe, mostly famous by Novak Djokovic or Exit music festival, on the central spot of the Balkan Peninsula, if you travel south of Hungary – you’ll find Serbia. Just a few miles south of the border line is situated one of the Serbian most beautiful cities.

Number 42 of the New York Times list of 52 places you need to visit in 2014 – Subotica – is really a place worth of visiting.

Like in every presentation, the best way is to start with historian facts. First time mentioned in 1391, as Zabatka, Subotica changed its name for (unbelievable) 200 times. Among the most interesting ones is definitely Maria Theresiopolis. (Maria Therese – Austro-Hungarian queen). Situated in between Hungarian and Turkish powers, the city started to develop as a town only after losing its military significance.

Today, the city is characterized by its amazing looking architecture that attracts tourists from around the globe. We could easily call it Art Nouveau city. The City Hall, the Synagogue, the Raichle palace and a few dozen other buildings listed Subotica in the circle of the most distinguishable Art Nouveau cities in Europe.


The biggest attraction– the City Hall – is a symbol of the city. Built between 1908 and 1912, it’s 76 m high and covers more nearly 6000 square meters. The Synagogue is one of the finest surviving pieces of religious architecture in the Art Nouveau style in Europe.


But, Subotica is much more than only (amazing) architecture. It’s the city of festivals. Trenchtown music festival, May Day, International Children’s, European Film, Interetno or Desire is just a piece of the offer nicely packed into a whole year round fun.

The Palic Wine Route, with a wine culture that dates back several hundred of years, will give wine lovers a whole new discovery of the Pannonia wines. Oh yes, I mentioned Palic – place about 8 km from the city that surrounds Palic Lake – a true touristic center of the area with outstanding facilities like Water Tower, the Grand Terrace, Music Pavilion, park, villas built in specific style, restaurants, cafes, sport and recreational fields, three arranged beaches, thermal pool, a Zoo, walking paths, cycle lines…


Subotica is a small city of just over 100.000 people, but it can be the perfect choice for your holiday. It can also be a great tip for day or a two stop while driving to the seacoasts of Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro or Croatia.

Dobrodošli u Suboticu! (Welcome to Subotica)

Travel tips:

Official languages in the city are Serbian, Hungarian and Croatian, and most of the people speak English. The nearest airports are Budapest and Belgrade. Subotica is also on the important south-east European highway almost precisely on the half of the distance between Budapest and Belgrade. Serbia is European Union candidate country, and for the travelers from the EU, there’s no need for visas or passports. (For EU citizens). More information on Subotica you can find online – official website is Currency in Serbia is dinar (1 euro = a bit more than 110 dinars).


NY Times

Official tourism presentation of the city of Subotica

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