What is travel insurance, and why do you need it when travelling

If you are just now in the process of planing a trip, or travelling is something you practice very often, then you know what travel insurance is and what does it mean to have it. For all the others, this text will give useful information on this travel topic. Let us start from the very beginning.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance for the purpose of travel related emergencies and expenses. People who travel a lot are paying this type of insurance because it usually covers medical emergency expenses and it is the solution for travelling without pressure. If anything happens while you’re in the other part of the world, travel insurance company will cover it, if you decide to buy the insurance there.

Here’s an info graph with interesting facts on travel insurance (research made in UK):


Usually, people obtain a short term insurance, and it covers a wide area of travel related situations. For example, along with covering medical bills, this type of insurance is covering baggage, compensation for delays, and assistance in an emergency, situations of cancellations of your trip or holiday and much more.

So, you can choose insurance arranged to cover exactly the duration of a trip or you can choose insurance for multiple times – for unlimited number of trips in some time frame.

Important suggestion in occasion when you are taking travel insurance is to read carefully what does it cover precisely. You will find every situation that might happen and the response of your travel insurance company in that situation.

As we are living today in the virtual world as well, you can also find online insurance companies, and you can pay for travel insurance by using the website. It really depends on what you prefer – direct contact with the insurance company staff or an online solution. Usually, the online insurance is cheaper.

Be aware that different destinations require different types of insurance situation coverings. Better insurance companies will immediately suggest destination related insurance. For example, if you’re traveling to Australia – you’ll get Aussie travel insurance with the specifics for this destination.

The truth is that this kind of insurance can be both, very smart thing and money spent on something you probably won’t use. You never know.

If you are spending a lot of money for your perfect holiday trip, then is very wise to spend a little more to cover your journey. If you are a backpacker that travels to not so remote locations, you’ll probably skip this bill. As you can see, it also depends on what your travel plan is. For people who are suffering from any disease, travel insurance (because of the medical coverage) is a must.

Anyway, traveling and exploring the world is a key of a happier (and richer) life. Travel insurance is here to make every journey more relax, and with it, you are covered to spend the best holiday ever! It offers a set of things in unpredictable situations that might happen while you’re abroad. Simply, it makes your life easier! Get it and take a wonderful trip to a place you always wanted to visit!

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