Using House Sitting as a Means to Travel


Some people enjoy travelling but they may not have the finances to go to the places that they want to see. Though the lack of finances may keep some people from living out their dreams, others will find creative ways to getting around their financial concerns. One of the best ways to address and overcome these financial challenges is being creative. This is why some people are benefiting greatly from house sitting opportunities. So, what is house sitting and how can an individual take advantage of this kind of opportunity.

What is House Sitting?

House sitting allows an individual to live rent-free in any area where there is an opening available. In some cases, the owner of the home may ask the house sitter to perform a variety of different tasks while they are there. However, this is normally part of the agreement prior to their arrival. For instance, the house sitter who accepts the house sitting assignment may agree to take in the mail, care for the homeowner’s pet, and water their garden so that it will remain fresh. Based on the arrangements that have been made, the owner may even provide the sitters with a certain amount of pay for specific services that they render for them. Typically, however, these arrangements are normally and even swap.

Benefit to Homeowners

While it is apparent that house sitters have the opportunity to obtain a place to stay rent-free, most people are normally concerned about the benefits that provided to the homeowners as well. Though it may appear that these relationships are substantially one sided, there is also another huge benefit to the homeowners as well. One of the top benefits is protecting their home from theft and vandalism since it is a common occurrence when a family is away from their home for an extended period of time. Therefore, when these arrangements are made there is a dual benefit for both, especially when the family can be away for several months at a time.

To protect their property and their possessions appropriately, a house sitter may also be provided with a car to drive. The cars are normally very beneficial when the owner lives on the outskirts of town. All of this information will be documented in the contract that has to be signed.

How to Obtain House Sitting Opportunities

While these types of opportunities can be ideal for people who are retired, young people can also take advantage of housing sitting opportunities as means to travel as well. Fortunately, house sitting does not always require previous experience but the owner of the home will ask the sitter for references. In some cases, the owner of the home may prefer retirees as their first option. However, when an individual has had previous experience house sitting, this is often sufficient as well. To prepare for these experiences, some people may look for house sitting classes or training so that they will know what to expect, even though it is not a requirement. One of the main things that a house sitter should know in advance, however, is that they will have to sign a contract before the assignment is confirmed.

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