Visiting the Everglades: What to Expect


Have you ever wanted to go to Florida but you’re not really a beach person? How about a place that doesn’t have sand but has a beautiful landscape, amazing tours, and is home to one of largest National parks in the country. Haven’t figured it out yet? I’m talking about a place so beautiful that if Van Gogh was still alive today, he would paint a beautiful work of art.

The Everglades, is a park uninfected by the tech of man and saved perfectly in its natural presence. This is a paradise to some of the many endangered creatures such as the American crocodile and the Florida Panther. There are even some plants in the biosphere reserve to preserve Mother Nature. The Everglades National Park is open all year round. Sometimes, parts of the parks close due to different changes in the season. The park is busy during the winter season and most things are open and in the summer season the hours may be shortened and not have that many recreational activities. It costs 10 dollars for a pass that lasts seven days at the park with a car. If you are riding a bike or just walking, the fee is 5 dollars. The annual pass, which is valid for ten months, is 25 dollars. There are many tours that go through that cost as follows: Motor coach 200$, Minibus 100$, Van 75$, Sedan 25$.

There are also many camping opportunities in the Everglades. There are 343 sites that cost 16 dollars (8 dollars for seniors, or pass holders), per night. Now you’re probably thinking, if it is a nature safe area, why did they build a park on it? I’ll tell you, the park is very environmentally savvy and has many ways of preserving this beautiful landscape. At the first area of campgrounds called the Flamingo Green, solar power is used to heat water for hot showers. At the visitor’s center, there is more solar power that uses reserved energy of the day to light the lot when it gets dark. In the Flamingo camp sight, there are semi-permanent structures can be used as tents on the everglades which come with solar power lights, fans, and outlets.

If you’re looking for ways to help and support this beautiful park, there are many opportunities. There are many volunteering options around the everglades such as ranger duty, cleaning, or tours. You can also donate and can be put in specific programs in the park. If you want to place an exhibit at the park, the everglades has many wonderful sights where you can show off your exhibit. The Everglades national park needs the immense support of the public so they can continue their projects like going green and preserving all the endangered wildlife.

Image Source: Flickr

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